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Welcome to Sissy B. Nails. I am proud to present a product that is safe for children to use. No more strong toxic smells that take over the room. Sissy B Nails is scent free! It also dries quickly, this is the added bonus for my 3-year-old baby sister who is constantly moving. When you are ready to remove the polish, you can peel it right off. Nail polish remover is not needed, again protecting us kids from harsh chemicals. Thank you for visiting my site and I love reading all of your messages. 


Sissy B.


Sissy B. on the Dr. Oz Show with Barbara Corcoran

Dr. Oz and Barbara Corcoran gives advice on how to grow Sissy B. Nails

"I want you to use your dancing to sell your polish on social media, it is a genius concept" -Dr. Oz 

"You have a great name, a clever product and it's selling" -Barbara Corcoran

School Giveaways

Sissy B. is giving to schools across
the United States

Through advanced technology, I am now able to speak and present at different schools all from home. In this video, I am packaging up some freebies for my next school appearance.

Pay It Forward

Sissy B. Donates to Christmas in the City

I am thankful to have had the opportunity to participate in Antioch Church of Long Beach Christmas in the City Event. Long Beach Press reported that "over $150,000 worth of goods were distributed" and guess what? Sissy B. Nails was one of the hot ticket items. Thank you Pastor Wayne and Myesha Chaney.

Never Give Up

Sissy B. Learns French during Pandemic

When my school closed because of the Pandemic, I also started learning French on my own. I had so much time on my hands I used free websites to learn some words and practiced popular songs in French to help me pronounce the words. Eventually, my mom found me an online French tutor. This was the very first song I learned.

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